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Karen Vallejo 4theinsta

Founder & Photographer

In 2016 I left my job to start my own social media agency.


My former job wasn’t terrible, but I craved more flexibility in my schedule & the freedom to do my work from anywhere. So, I crossed my fingers and took a big leap, since I knew bigger and greater things awaited me!

I held an Interior Design degree, a background in Digital Marketing from Columbia University, and a deep passion for social media and photography. I also had the willingness to learn everything I possibly could-- as long as I never had to clock into work for someone else, ever again.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve built a business helping a myriad of companies with their visual branding, social media, and digital marketing. Let’s just say that Instagram is my true jam. 

P.S. You can always hang out with me on Instagram!


New York, united stated, 4theinsta, social media


I’m originally from Los Angeles, California! I’ve been living in NYC for the past 10 years though, so I feel like a true New Yorker.


I have a BA in English, an MA in Education, and an MBA. I love reading, exploring New York, and writing. I’ve written a couple books, including one about my dog called “Walking Cookie Dough”!


I’ve also been writing for 4theinsta for nearly a year, and I enjoy throwing in puns, sharing inspiring words and making people smile with the captions I write for a variety of businesses! Words always have the power to move people, and I hope to keep everyone engaged and lovin’ what they read!

4theinsta Team



Community Manager

Everybody calls me Berni  (I'm not as serious as it looks like).


I currently live in Argentina and I have been part of 4theinsta's team since 2018 (it feels like only yesterday). 


My work involves monitoring channels, looking for tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram comments, and so forth that warrant a response and addressing their concern, comment, or question.

Check Me Out! - Instagram

4theinsta team

Hey guys,


Food Stylist

Ever wonder how our food photos end up looking so tasty?

My job is to turn a real-life dish into a two-dimensional image so mouthwatering it looks like it's about to leap off the page and into your mouth. Believe it or not, this is incredibly hard to do well and involves way more than sprinkles and a hot-glue gun.


Solving problems on set, and achieving what the client is seeking is what I literally live for. 

My IG - Instagram

4theinsta team


(aka cecilia)

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