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5 Reasons to Love New York City

You have to be a little insane to live in New York City, but if you are, it’s incredible.

As much as we New Yorkers like to complain about the subway, the high cost of living, the traffic, crowds and general chaos, we also know we live in one of the greatest cities on Earth.

5 Reasons to Love New York City:

1. The sense of opportunity 

“I will always love New York for welcoming me with open arms and for being the only place in the world with as much opportunity available, especially for new arrivals,” Peter Lawrence, co-owner of Williamsburg’s Wythe Hotel.

2. The incredible diversity

Anyone who has spent any time in New York City must have seen what an incredible variety of races, religions and ethnic origins pass in review every day on its streets.

The energy that this wonderful variety of human beings creates is simply amazing.

3. The unrivaled restaurants and bars 

New Yorkers recognize that when it comes to great places to eat and drink, we’re spoiled for choice.

"What I love most about New York City is that it’s the only city on the planet where you can find and enjoy great food from any possible country of the world, all within the city’s public transit system." says, Andrea Ardemagni, from @newyork_eyes said, "I love living in New York because there is no excuse to be bored. There is always something to see, eat, and new neighborhoods to explore".

4. The appreciation for arts and culture 

There are hundreds of museums, theaters, music halls and other cultural institutions in New York City, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to performance venues.

5. The city’s indescribable energy

Intangible though it is, the energy that courses through New York is like the city’s lifeblood, constantly flowing through the streets. Though there are plenty of other cool places in the world, locals argue no other city has the same magnetic vibe.

There is something magical about this city that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

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